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E-learning interactive graphic: Basel III

International regulatory framework for banks (Basel III). What is Basel III? Around the world, central bankers, regulators and governments have responded to the financial crisis with new regulation and legislation. The cornerstone of this global initiative to contain risk is Basel III – sweeping new regulatory standards for banks on capital adequacy and liquidity. Basel [...]

E-learning interactive graphic: The new UK Twin Peaks Regulatory Structure

The new UK Twin Peaks Regulatory Framework. Since his 2010 Mansion House speech, where Chancellor George Osborne set out his agenda for reforming the current system of financial regulation*, the situation has progressed. The current system – which shares responsibility for financial stability between the Treasury, the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority [...]

E-learning interactive graphic: Payment systems oversight

Principles for the oversight of payment systems Central banks’ involvement in the oversight of payment systems arises from their core role as the systems’ settlement bank, providing the ultimate settlement asset, central bank money. This gives central banks a very direct interest in any potential systemic risks inherent in such systems. More broadly, payment systems [...]

E-learning: An introduction to financial stability

What is financial stability? Financial stability can be defined as a condition in which the financial system is capable of withstanding shocks, thereby reducing the likelihood of disruptions in the financial intermediation process which are severe enough to significantly impair the allocation of savings to profitable investment opportunities. The financial system can be said to [...]

US regulatory reform: The next step

The next step in the preparation of US financial regulation legislation requires the Senate bill to be reconciled with the bill passed earlier by the House of Representatives through a process known as “conference”. The broad outlines of the legislation are already determined, however the detail is yet to be finalised. The taskof reconciling the [...]

E-learning: Involving markets and the public in financial regulation

We provide an adaptation, in presentation form, of the recent speech by by US Federal Reserve Governor Daniel K Tarullo at the Council of Institutional Investors Meeting. (Washington, DC, April 2010). The Federal Reserve and other financial regulators have, under existing statutory authority, already implemented some changes to prudential rules and to supervisory oversight processes. [...]

What is the role of shadow banking?

In a speech in London yesterday, Paul Tucker – Bank of England Deputy Governor for Financial Stability and a member of the Monetary Policy Committee – discusses one aspect of the financial sector ‘structure’ debate: the role of shadow banking. Shadow banking can be thought of as the collection of instruments, structures, firms or markets [...]

The future of financial services

The competitiveness of the UK’s financial services sector is more likely to be undermined by the uncertainty surrounding future regulation of the industry, than by further aftershocks from the recent crisis. That is the view of leading industry figures featured in The Future of Financial Services, which is published to mark 20 years of the [...]

Obama’s proposed tax on big banks

As taxes go, the Obama levy on US-based banks is rather a good one. Certainly better than the UK tax on bonuses. It seems entirely fair that banks should pay the US taxpayers’ bill for bailing out the financial system. This support not only saved the banks but is now ensuring that many are making [...]

Wall Street ethos under scrutiny

The 10 members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission squared off against the Wall Street chiefs in Washington over the billions in bonuses, and who was really to blame for bringing the financial system to its knees. Phil Angelides, chairman of the Commission, asked Lloyd C. Blankfein, Goldman Sachs’s chairman, to explain how his firm [...]

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