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The Economist – The Good Bank

The Economist – The Good Bank. The Good Bank is a unique project organised by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) to examine how banking can better serve the needs of society. It will bring together experts to discuss and share ideas on what makes for a Good Bank and to participate in a conversation about [...]

Competition, the pressure for returns, and stability

Speech by Paul Tucker, Deputy Governor Financial Stability, Member of the Monetary Policy Committee and Member of the Financial Policy Committee, at the British Bankers’ Association Annual Banking Conference, London, October 2012. Paul Tucker considers the factors driving excessive risk-taking in the financial system leading up the crisis, and outlines some of the key aspects [...]

European Commission Sets Tentative Date to Propose New Bank Regulations

The European Commission on Friday set a date of Sept. 11 to announce proposals to overhaul banking regulation in Europe, a crucial step in shoring up the euro zone against future crises. A new Pan-European regulatory system must be established before countries that use the euro can tap bailout funds to recapitalize their banks without [...]

Global banking scandals

A number of scandals have engulfed the global financial system, and several international banks are under investigation by regulators in several countries. They are alleged to have committed offences ranging from fixing interbank lending rates to complicity in money-laundering. In this guide, we explain who is accused of what by whom. LIBOR manipulation. Sanctions breaking. [...]

Libor, Naked and Exposed

By GARY GENSLER* Americans who save for the future, use credit cards or borrow money for tuition, cars and homes deserve assurance that the interest rates on their savings and loans are set in a reliable and honest way. That’s why the revelation that the British bank Barclays attempted to manipulate the London interbank offered [...]

Government sets out plans to reform the structure of banking in the UK

The Government is today publishing its response to the report by the Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), which sets out plans to fundamentally reform the structure of banking in the UK. This response agrees with the ICB’s recommendations and outlines how the Government will legislate to create a stable banking sector that supports lending to [...]

UK FSA: The failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published its Board’s Report into ‘The failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland’ (RBS). The Report concludes that RBS’s failure amid the systemic crisis ultimately resulted from poor decisions made by the RBS management and Board. But deficiencies in the global capital regime and liquidity regulations made the crisis [...]

Lessons in bank lobbying

Speech: Lessons in lobbying by Robert Jenkins. Not long ago I was a lobbyist for the investment industry. I have now joined the ranks of the regulators I once tried to lobby. Specifically, I am a member of the interim Financial Policy Committee of the Bank of England. The “FPC” is the focal point for [...]

Banking crises and recessions: what can leading indicators tell us?

By Matthew Corder and Martin Weale. Summary. Policymakers need to be aware of the risk of extreme events such as recessions and banking crises. Given the future is uncertain, monetary policy makers need to consider the full range of risks around their forecasts when considering policy, including the probability of recession. Financial stability policy makers [...]

Banking reforms: Ring-fence structure

Britain’s experiment with a new sort of bank regulation is sensible—and useful for the wider world. Like them or not, many of the most influential financial innovations of the past few decades have come from Britain: the euro-dollar market, the Private Finance Initiative and “light touch” regulation of financial firms. London cannot claim credit for [...]

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