Financial stability

The Financial Stability modules are designed to provide you with the background; rationale and regimes for financial stability which will prepare you for understanding and performing financial stability.

The following modules are available to registered (which is free) and logged in members.

  • A. Introduction to financial stability. Short title: A. Intro to financial stability
    • What is financial stability?
    • The role of financial stability in the financial system
    • Typical risks
    • Lines of defence

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  • B. Financial stability and the role of central banks or other agencies. Short title: B. Role of authorities
    • ??
  • C. Global aspects. Short title: C. Global aspects
    • Financial integration
  • D. Identification and assessment of key risks to financial stability. Short title: D. Risks to financial stabily
    • ??
  • E. Payment systems and risk to financial stability. Short title: E. Payment systems oversight
    • Context for a risk-based methodology for oversight
    • Risks captured in the oversight methodology
    • Risk assessment and monitoring
    • Interpreting the outputs
    • ??
  • F. Theoretical and modelling aspects of financial stability. Short title: F. Theoretical and modelling aspects
    • ??
  • G. Systemic risk mitigation. Short title: G. Systemic risk mitigation
    • New arrangements to strengthen the resilience of financial systems such as a more macroprudential orientation for regulatory and supervisory frameworks
    • Stress testing
  • H. Background to previous financial crises. Short title: H. Financial crises
    • ??
  • I. Financial crisis management and resolution. Short title: I Crisis management and resolution
    • ??

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